WamS connects unconnected physical products to smartphones

  • To create fan communities around branded products.

  • To increase sales, brand loyalty and delight customers, thanks to its interactive nature and attractive use

  • To collect profiles, product usage, specific relevant data

  • To enable the brand to be autonomous, free, direct and reactive using a new digital marketing channel complementary to those controlled by the GAFA.

WamS delivers PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE for the Augmented Marketing

WamS enables wireless connectivity to billions of everyday products using our patented INTERACTIVE MARKING.

Our OaaS* cloud plateform « myWamS », delivers an products’s identity, location, authenticity and usage informations __ what we call Product Intelligence__  to business and consumer applications.



" WamS, it is a new dynamic for the producers of every day objects, a wonderful solution for branding and a refreshing space for developers !  Wams is the result of 30 years of experience, 10 years of reflection and 5 years of R & D.
 Wams is the 1st Web of the object"
 Olivier Cordoleani - Founder and Owner


*OaaS = Object as a Service

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The WamS technology is patented and derived from 5 years of R & D.
The connected physical world is a social and economic reality, very far from the gadget, at the heart of high tech innovation.